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Are you visualizing yourself on a sandy beach in Hawaii for your next vacation? Maybe enjoying a tropical drink on a Caribbean cruise? D Tours & Travel is the premier travel agency in Salem, Illinois that can match you with the perfect vacation package for your next trip. We are a comprehensive travel agency that utilizes our knowledge of the tourism industry and travel experience to bring you the best vacation deals in the county. From resort vacations and river cruises to Disney packages – we guarantee to have a getaway suitable for you. Business, pleasure, romantic getaways, or a big family trip, D Tours is committed to finding great vacation deals regarding flights, hotels, tours, all-inclusive packages, and so much more. Speak with one of our travel agents today about your ideal destination preferences, activities, and other fun memories you want to create. We offer the following travel opportunities:

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Want to plan the perfect vacation for your family? D Tours & Travel is committed to collaborating with every client to plan their ideal vacation. We use our experience to help you book your flights, hotels, guided tours, and activities so that you can focus on relaxing and enjoying your trip. From whale watching in Alaska to trekking across the historical landscape and culture of Europe, our travel agents can plan the vacation of your dreams. D Tours can take you all over the globe including:


D Tours & Travel can help you book the ultimate vacation luxury, a cruise ship extravaganza! Want to enjoy all the Pina Coladas you can while hanging poolside on a cruise ship sailing across the Atlantic? We can make it happen. Or maybe you want to explore the beautiful landscape of an Alaskan frontier cruise. Regardless if you are looking for a river cruise or something more tropical, D Tours helps locate and plan a cruise vacation that your entire family can enjoy! The type of cruise we offer? Take your pick:

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Group Trips

Are you planning a group vacation? If you haven’t planned a vacation before, it can be overwhelming. D Tours & Travel hopes to alleviate that burden with our expertise. Our travel agents can help your group, regardless of the size, plan an expert travel itinerary that guarantees the experience of diverse new culture without any of the stressors. Vacation should be a time of rest and relaxation, not bearing the burden of stress trying to plan the trip – leave that to us! We have experience planning spotlight trips to Washington, D.C., booking The Great Alaskan Tour, and even planning a 7-day trip scouring the streets of London. Want help booking your next group vacation? Contact one of our travel agents today!

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Is it time for that relaxing getaway? Are you ready to explore new cultures and a change of scenery? If so, contact your local travel agency, D Tours & Travel for all sorts of vacation deals that range from Disney packages to Carnival Cruises. We are a family-owned business that provides every client with a relaxing trip across the globe, whether it is a romantic trip or a family vacation. It is our goal to make your travel process easier by using our knowledge of the tourism industry and travel experience in order to bring you exclusive deals on dream vacations. Stop thinking about your dream vacation and start living it. Contact D Tours & Travel today to get started on your trip to paradise.