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from all surrounding Clinton County communities.

Do you see yourself on a beach? On a boat? Trekking across Europe? Pick up your phone, and do something about it. EZN Travel is here to help people in our community enjoy the vacation opportunities that they deserve. In fact, we’re a full-service travel agency that uses our knowledge of the industry and our own travel experience to find you the best deals on everything from all-inclusive vacations to river cruises. From relaxing on a hammock in the Bahamas to experiencing the wilderness of Alaska, it’s our goal to make your trip as easy and fulfilling as possible. Remember – EZN makes travel easy, so call today and speak with one of our agents about your desired destination!

the wilderness of Alaska

EZN Makes Travel Easy

At EZN Travel, we know people travel for all sorts of reasons – business, pleasure, quiet getaways, and big family trips. Our travel agents don’t care why you’re going; we just want to help you get there. Have you always wanted to see Hawaii? Alaska? Wherever it is that beckons to you, count on us to find you great packages and travel deals on flights, hotels, tours, all-inclusive packages, and much more. Stop by to talk to an agent today – we’ll ask about your destinations preferences, activities, family members, and more, working to provide you or your family with fun and memories that they’ll never forget. We offer the following travel opportunities:

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Immerse yourself in ages of culture and tradition with river cruises, bike tours, castle tours, museums, and more.

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Cruise the Bering Sea and experience, first hand, the awesomeness and majesty of the Alaskan wilderness.

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Kick back and relax as a server delivers tasty frozen concoctions with those little umbrellas you love so much.

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From enjoying fun and son in Cabo to exploring Aztec ruins, Mexico could be just the getaway that you had in mind.

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Gorgeous beaches, surf, sun, and all the good vibes you can soak up. Hawaii sells itself as one of the most popular destinations.

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Bring your little ones for a week or a weekend of unforgettable magic with all their favorite characters along for the ride!

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Universal Studios

Do you have wizard blood in you? Check out The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and other great attractions at Universal Orlando.

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Las Vegas

Try your luck with a Vegas vacation fit for a high-roller, and remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Meet Your Partners in Travel

Want to get away? Ready for a new experience? Call your local travel agency to take those first steps towards the vacation that you deserve. At EZN Travel, we provide travel services to customers in Clinton County Illinois, and throughout the surrounding areas. As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of a relaxing getaway, whether you’re traveling with your family or by yourself. Additionally, we’re here to make the travel process easier by using our knowledge and travel experience to find excellent deals on dream destinations from Alaska to the Caribbean, Europe, and beyond. Don’t keep letting opportunities pass you by, and don’t continue to put your dream vacation off. Call now to get started!